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What We Do

Let the expert team at Palit curate a unique culinary and social experience that will entice all senses. We will transform your home into an intimate, fine dining restaurant. So you and your guests can enjoy spontaneous moments, cherished conversations, and authentic connections in the comfort of your home.

Our team handles all aspects of your event: sourcing, cooking, setup, ambiance, décor, and most importantly clean-up. Everything will be taken care of, so you can entertain effortlessly.


Chef Chris De Belen, the personal chef to many high-profile clients, will orchestrate an elegantly plated, multicourse, seasonal menu with fresh local ingredients. Chef Chris is inspired by New American Cuisine, Contemporary Filipino, and Pan-Asian Fusion flavors.

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What We Do


Enjoy the essence of what Palit has to offer. Choose one of our delicious 7-course seasonal menus, and select one of our four ambiances to set the mood. The menus feature locally sourced premium ingredients that will leave you full of amazing food and delightful memories!

-  Seven-Course Menu  -

-  Seasonal Decor Selection  -

-  Event Transformation & Breakdown  -

-  Centerpieces  -

-  Intermission Beverages (non-alcoholic)  -

-  Curated Ambient Music -

-  Dinnerware  -

-  Linens & Chairs. -

-  14' Hand-Built Dining Table  -

-  Waitstaff  -

-  Guest Capacity: 8 - 12  -


*Accommodations Available For Allergy And Dietary Restrictions



With a private consultation, we will curate the event of your dreams. With handpicked sights, sounds, tastes, and beyond, Palit's ethos entails a fully immersive sensory experience, and it is our passion to deliver.

Our 7-course dining experience is designed to ignite all your senses, offering you a truly unforgettable evening of indulgence.

-  Private Consultation  -

-  Everything Included in ELEVATED  -

-  Custom Menu  -

-  Bespoke Themed Decor  -

-  Live Entertainment  -

-  Experiences  -

- Elements for your personal touch - 

*Pricing will vary depending on desired customizations.

The Palit Experience

YOU GUYS. The most incredible experience. Thank you from the deepest depths of my heart for making the most memorable, delicious, and fun dinner. The food was out of this world flavorful. Will absolutely be coming back to do this again. Nothing but raves reviews :)

Zach K.

I just wanted to tell you how wonderful your food is!!! I've been to a couple of parties and events, but this was nothing like I've ever experienced before! The food was sooooo delicious! I never had a 7course menu before and the variety was insane! Love the fact that you will sit down and make a personal menu! Keep up the great work!!!

Sophia T.

Amazing, amazing, AMAZING! So many compliments!! I wanted to keep all the decor and to leave my house how you set it up. I literally cannot thank you enough for the wonderful job everyone did! THANK YOU!!!!

I can't wait to do this again!

Mason H.

Thank you so much for a fantastic evening last Saturday. From the delicious food to the amazing presentation. All of the guests agreed it was one of the best dinners they'd ever had.
To add to the mouth watering food, the meal was served so charmingly, and it is wonderful to entertain guests at home in such a relaxed manner. Moreover, what a wonderful feeling to wake up to an immaculate home with not a thing out of place, or any evidence that such a feast had been enjoyed!

Nicole P.

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Orange and Los Angeles County

Due to the amount of planning time and consultation needed to produce an event, bookings must be confirmed and scheduled a minimum of 30 days prior to the event date. Please note, availability is subject to change at any time.

Thank you!

We'll reach out shortly!

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